The smooth stone like surfaces of my jewelry call to be touched and to be held. Palm sized lockets, pendants, and brooches pique curiosity and create a want to bring them close so that the secret of what lies within may be seen.

But these exteriors are only an introduction and are often unassuming, even misleading. I purposely obscure the glossy and luminescent interiors of my jewelry with small apertures pierced in metal or translucent plastic. This is a reflection of my personality for I do not want to reveal too much of myself; I retain the most vulnerable parts behind a calm facade.

Fear of my vulnerabilities being discovered, however, is dissipating and my work is shifting. Closed off, moody enamels set in dark metal are being replaced by lighter, softer colored enamels that are surrounded by bright silver. With each new piece, the vulnerable parts that remain become increasingly prominent and accessible. I recognize the importance of pushing aside fear and taking risks in developing new work that branches beyond the soft, quiet, and hidden. 

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