Naughty Narrative: Lives Revealed


Naughty Narrative: Lives Revealed is an exhibition curated by Andrew Kuebeck and Danielle James that will be showing during the East Carolina University Material Topics Symposium at Art Avenue in downtown Greenville, North Carolina.

"For over a decade the lines between our private lives and the public world have become so blurred that there is now very little that one doesn’t know about or can’t discover about someone from an online search. This causes one to ask, “What is private?”, “What do I keep secret?”, and “Why am I keeping it secret?”. Naughty Narratives: Lives Revealed calls for works that deal with the precarious balance (or unbalance) found in the mixing of our private lives and public personas. Naughty Narratives: Lives Revealed seeks traditional and experimental works that deal with the politics of the public/private, secrets, personal narratives, and other “naughty” things we do everyday."

This prospectus had me so excited, because the type of work I had been making dealt exactly with that "balance (or unbalance)" of what I choose to show the public - a calm facade - versus what I feel internally - sometimes very anxious and unsettled.  Three of my objects were selected and I cannot wait for the symposium to see the show!