Welcome to the Sideshow


Fellow graduate student, artist, and friend of mine, Chase Stevens of Raven Tooth Gallery, put together a little show called Welcome to the Sideshow.  I happily accepted the invitation to participate in this show as one of thirty artists.

With the MFA Thesis Show installed, defense of my work...defended, and my thesis finished (except for acknowledgements), I could finally work on my sideshow assignment - The Snake Charmer!  Sepia toned photographs of barely clothed, snake wrapped women had been on my brain for a few days when I sat down at my bench to make this brooch.

There was just enough time for a quick snapshot before packaging it up and handing it off to Mr. Stevens to be installed at Guts'n Glory Ink in Rosendale, NY.  And so, a thank you goes out to Chase for the opportunity to be a part of such a great show!

Now for the rest of those acknowledgements...


Sideshow Card